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Beach Houses for Large Groups

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Planning a Retreat or a family reunion? Call us at 713-995-6111if you have questions about which house or group of houses work best. Surfside Beach is the ideal location to get your members together for a really memorable experience.  The beach houses shown below are ideal for these occasions.

Considering the quality of our houses, we are very reasonably priced.
• Our houses have several bedrooms and baths.

• Your costs per family member will probably be less than what a nice hotel would charge.

• But, in addition— You get a living and dining room and a large front deck overlooking the beach, and a fully equipped kitchen.

• There’s a huge difference between what it costs to get your snacks and drinks out of your refrigerator versus how much a hotel or resort will charge you.

• Our larger houses have two (or three) refrigerators. If you decide to eat some of your meals in, you can save even more.

• Weeks, Weekends, or Weekday Specials
Although the rental agencies don’t accept advance reservations for less than a week during the summer, we feel families need more flexibility. You can reserve our houses for a week, weekend, or Weekday Special.